El Mercado.

June 4, 2010

Word up to Ian @ El Mercado. Good seeing ya today. (Nice t-shirt in this photo)


Fred Segal

May 21, 2010

Met up today with long time friend, contemporary and retail partner Joey Gonzalez @ Fred Segal Conveyor/Man. When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised to see LUDWIG on display and looking very nice along side the rest of the premium casual set. I’ve known Joey since the way back in ’99 when he was one of the main supporters of SBFK and ever since, he has been a real trooper making being in this industry one of the few things good. So here’s to you Joey, thanks!, can’t say it enough. Look out for to some good things to come from good ole’ Ludwig Van…go pick up some Ludwig shorts, windbreaker and a super comfortable t-shirt if your in the area…just in time for summer, at Fred Segal Samo. -







The “man” in Fred Segal, Joey Gonzalez

September Store Spotlight: District!

September 25, 2009

This month’s store spotlight is on the District in Alameda, California. I sent some questions over to Matt Wong from the store earlier this week and here are the answers I got back!

1.   How long have you been open? Almost 5 years.

2.  Why did you open? I wanted to provide the small town where I grew up (Alameda) with a cool shop that had some of the same strengths and characteristics as my favorite shops in NYC.

3.   What brands do you carry? All the major sneaker & streetwear brands.

4.   How do you think the industry itself has changed in the last year? Like almost every other industry, retail has been hit hard by the downturn in the economy. Streetwear shops in particular have suffered mightily. Fashion, like the economy itself, has always been cyclical, and streetwear is no different, going from being the hot new thing a few years ago to reaching mainstream success and now to its current state of transition. Some brands have tried to adapt to changing tastes by incorporating more contemporary looks and classic styles. Streetwear stores will likely have to follow suit, stocking fewer classic streetwear items like loud graphic tees and hoodies while emphasizing more traditional styles.

5.   What would you like to see more of from brands? I would like to see more brands like Ludwig! Clean, classic, no nonsense designs plus prices that don’t break the bank. How’s that for a slogan?

6.  One fun fact? Opening our second store in November in Union City, CA.

Be  sure to visit the store if you’re in the area! And definitely check out the new one when it opens. Thanks so much for all your support District!

Store Location:
2332 Alameda Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 865-1640



August Store Spotlight: Sureel!

August 11, 2009

So we’ve decided to honor all of the wonderful stores that are dedicated to Ludwig by starting a store of the month spotlight here on the blog. First up, is Sureel in Washington. Sureel has been open for 5 years and carries Ludwig, Huffer, Copy, KZO, Nudie, Ksubi, Naked and Famous, and other brands.  I sent over a few questions for Robert, the storeowner, to answer. One of which was, “How do you think the industry itself has changed in the last year?” To this he answered, “I’m glad that designers are starting to listen to the customers more which is something in am very happy to see, I also love the fact that it is going back to the small guy and now we have a running chance again.”  Thanks so much for your support and for the rest of you, check them out! Their address and website are listed below.




15 Lake St #201
Kirkland, WA 98033
Ph: 425-576-1213