CASE SHELL Pant / Ludwig Van X ReVisit

January 7, 2016

Introducing The Ludwig Van x RiviGoods “CaseShellPant” – U.S. Military Issue Re-purposed
“Case Sleeping Bag m-1945” by ReVisit.

The Vietnam-era US military “CASE, SLEEPING BAG M-1945” takes on a new life as  jeans, chinos, jackets and blazers complete with all of the imperfections, marks and repairs that tell the history of the material and lend it a unique character and charm. Creating eco-conscious, and innovative, wearable fashion from re-purposed and re-appropriated military as well as other dead-stock fabrics provide the ingredients that make the soul of ReVisit®.

The unique nature of this historic fabric will guarantee that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.  Each piece: one-of-a-kind wearable history, with a story all its own.

Limited productions are made in ReVisits downtown Los Angeles facility.  90%Cotton / 10% Polyamid

FEATURES: 5-Pocket denim style pant that bridges the gap between your jeans and your chinos, Dead-stock US Army twill tape binding inside waist lining, belt loops and patch, Vintage shank buttons. YOU CAN GET IT HERE.


The holy grail of Vintage.

April 30, 2013

This is Greg, he’s kind of underground. He knows and does vintage better than most and he certainly has more grade-A vintage than anyone else. Chances are, the vintage-inspired trends that have caught on in the last 10-years and beyond have started with him and his web-store VINTAGE TRENDS. While the site may be a bit antiquated, don’t let that fool you. Take a look around, do a little digging…he’s the first one doing on-line vintage, longer than anyone else, and besides the fact that he’s too busy ‘picking’ the good stuff for you to buy than making things look pretty. The ‘Nasty Gals’ of the world all took cues from Vintage Trends. The web-site is a no-frills, no-hype portal into a vintage goldmine that specializes in Military and Tactical. It’s no bullshit, just a good, insanely deep selection of vintage. That authentic WWII M-65 or MA1, or vintage Stadium Jacket…Greg has them all in every size, in all colors (notice the bails of unpacked goods in photo)….for VERY reasonable prices, take my word for it. Go to Vintage Trends, do a little digging – if you like vintage you’ll find what you’re looking for, and the price you like.

No time x timeless…= style

April 5, 2013

Here at Ludwig Van keeping an eye on quality is important when you are making small runs for a discerning customer. I also think that paying attention to a classic look or a “timeless” style is just as important. Trends & Fads come and go. The last thing you want to do is look at that piece with the crazy print, or patch-work in all different colors in your closet and remember how much you paid for it and think….”sh*t, it’s only been three months, and I can’t wear that anymore….”

Rest assured, I feel you. You are not alone. That’s why I like to keep the ratio of timeless to impulse 3:1 (three parts, timeless pieces, classic colors to 1 part impulse being the pieces that have the volume turned up a bit )…so, pay attention to this ration and you should be good to go. All of this will make a statement that you know what’s up.

Brace yourselves

November 9, 2012

LUDWIG VAN Denim – a look back.

July 25, 2012

This is my personal pair of jeans from the first season of LUDWIG VAN – Spring 2008. This Denim is 4-years old and I’ve washed the hell out of it, worn the hell out of it, ridden the hell out of it, etc…and it looks pretty good. It’s not your “cool-guy” pair of Selvage – blah,blah,blah…just a solid pair of 5 pockets made with quality Cone Mills denim (I think). I’ve customized them a bit to fit my own personal taste, but what makes them so nice is that they have held up real well. No broken hardware, loops, seams etc. are all sturdy. Stay tuned for some NEW jeans from LUDWIG VAN x Rivi Goods for ReVisit©. Those will be for “cool guys”.


April 15, 2012

LUDWIG VAN x Rivi Goods For ReVisit®

February 22, 2012

Sneak Peek of Fall 2012 coming soon. Limited distribution to only the best shops worldwide and on-line at ReVisit® Goods. Stay tuned.

Quietly making noize.

December 2, 2011

Case Study: MOMO Hoody

May 11, 2011

The MOMO Hoody features excellent details from the Premium 2-way zipper to the vintage french terry fleece…this Hoody is made with vintage style pouch pockets and a funnel style hi-profile neck and twill taped re-enforced shoulder. It’s been over-dyed with real indigo and finished with a buttery-soft enzyme wash. It also features a clean look with no branding – for the perfect weekend lounge. * Fits true, but slim to size * 100% Cotton * MADE IN U.S.A. *Cotton twill labeling. There are a handful left in the LUDWIG SHOP.


Case Study: LUDWIG “Iron Workshirt”.

April 25, 2011

Iron Workshirt product feature: Today we present the LUDWIG VAN “Iron Workshirt”. This is a limited run of re-worked and re-fashioned US Air-force issue button downs. We re-fashioned the fit to feature a curved silhouette for a better fit and an enzyme wash for better hand, then we applied an over-dyed steel blue color. This shirt also features a vintage Pendleton flannel pocket flap on the front (every piece features a uniquely different color) so each piece is essentially a one-of-a-kind! In authentic LUDWIG VAN fashion we are taking something from the past and re-purposing it to make it something for the future. A timeless piece. There are a few pieces of the “Iron Workshirt” left in the LUDWIG SHOP – get yours before they are all gone!