CASE SHELL Pant / Ludwig Van X ReVisit

January 7, 2016

Introducing The Ludwig Van x RiviGoods “CaseShellPant” – U.S. Military Issue Re-purposed
“Case Sleeping Bag m-1945” by ReVisit.

The Vietnam-era US military “CASE, SLEEPING BAG M-1945” takes on a new life as  jeans, chinos, jackets and blazers complete with all of the imperfections, marks and repairs that tell the history of the material and lend it a unique character and charm. Creating eco-conscious, and innovative, wearable fashion from re-purposed and re-appropriated military as well as other dead-stock fabrics provide the ingredients that make the soul of ReVisit®.

The unique nature of this historic fabric will guarantee that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.  Each piece: one-of-a-kind wearable history, with a story all its own.

Limited productions are made in ReVisits downtown Los Angeles facility.  90%Cotton / 10% Polyamid

FEATURES: 5-Pocket denim style pant that bridges the gap between your jeans and your chinos, Dead-stock US Army twill tape binding inside waist lining, belt loops and patch, Vintage shank buttons. YOU CAN GET IT HERE.



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