Real Indigo…(real McCoy)

February 24, 2012

For you folks who may have missed out on the “Barnes” button-down, here’s your chance to come up on the Indigo chambray version of this gem. It’s fabricated with real Indigo-dyed chambray and features really nice tortoise buttons…as well as the legitimate vintage trims like, Viet-Era Mitchell Camo lining and the Talon zip on the MA-1 style chest pocket…you get the idea. All the special features you’ve come to expect from LUDWIG VAN and can only find here…who else is doing this kind of stuff? LUDWIG VAN subscribers will get first look at this when it drops so Sign Up now and don’t get caught with your pants down.

LUDWIG VAN x Rivi Goods For ReVisit®

February 22, 2012

Sneak Peek of Fall 2012 coming soon. Limited distribution to only the best shops worldwide and on-line at ReVisit® Goods. Stay tuned.

We Get Letters…

February 22, 2012

Fresh: Like Jean Paul.

February 18, 2012

New product feature: “Dartmouth”.

February 18, 2012

This one’s for all my BIG GREEN Brethren and is dedicated to Ivy League and fine vintage style fleece. It’s fabricated from real 3-end fleece from deadstock 90′s rolls and finished with vintage style “double V” at the neck (front & back). The colors are vintage cream with a tonal white print and ‘Dartmouthgreen with white print. It also features a nice subtle “LV” embroidery in Levi’s gold at the left side…Get them before they are gone. OK, everybody has done their version of ‘UNI’, but what separates this one from the rest is not only the quality, (your hands know the difference) but the typography as well. “Beethoven” — nuff said.

The “Real” McCoy…now available.

February 15, 2012

Introducing the “Barnes” button down. This is the real McCoy to be sure. Vintage Japanese selvage chambray. Features Vietnam-era mitchell pattern camo lined yoke and collar-stand. Check out all the details here.



LUDWIG VAN x Rivi Goods for ReVisit®

February 11, 2012

New capsule collection in the works. It’s called “ReVisit”® and the products are made from dead-stock fabircs and denim or vintage military fabrications. No two alike. We know you like that! – More to come, soon!