Tok Dad

March 31, 2010

Hopefully sooner or later we will be bringing some LUDWIG x TOK DAD tee’s your way via Bill Tocco. Bill is somewhat of a cult-hero on the vert skating scene. Everybody remembers how he steam-rolled the competition during the Am Nationals at the Pride Pavillion in AZ. way back in the late 80′s on his way to becoming champion. All due to a sick work ethic! If we can get our act together you will be the first to know.

Recent photo of Tocco and Omar

Recent photo of Tocco and Omar

Sick Octopus graphic from G&S. (hence 'Tako')

Sick Octopus graphic from G&S. (hence 'Tako')

Irvine Sucks.

March 31, 2010

One of our past interns Mai-lan came in one day wearing a t-shirt that read “Irvine Sucks” and I was like ‘where can I get one of those?’ – I really wanted one. For any of those who remember the wave of ‘suck’ t-shirts:’Surfers Suck’, ‘Skaters Suck’, etc, you will appreciate the sarcastic nature of these tee’s however, I really do think Irvine Sucks! (at least to drive to from LA anyway) no offense to any Irvine residents. This web-site is pretty radd. We are down with skate here at LUDWIG and there is plenty of bona-fide ripping going on in the video clip they have up there now…and hey Mai, I’m still waiting for that t-shirt, what the fuck?


Straight funny as hell.

March 30, 2010

I’m the first to admit, I LOVE a good slogan tee as much as the next guy…so that’s why when I stumbled on this site “Straight Murder” today, I just about lost it~! I love this shit. It’s witty and well done. Not sure about the story overall, but it looks like they are out of NZ…“Never take life so seriously you’ll never get out of it alive”. -Enjoy.



Very sharp.

Very sharp.

Oh word?

Oh word?

Sneek Peek…Ludwig custom seat cover

March 29, 2010

For all of the BMX/Fixed gear hedz, LUDWIG is working on some very unique and original concepts for a multi-brand collaboration that will blow your mind! Here is a sneak-peek at the MADRAS print saddle cover made to fit the Verde slim seat pivitol. This cover is a one-of a kind made from re-cycled Ludwig t-shirts, waxed denim and black nylon hardware…custom sewn by hand for Ludwig by no other than the very talented Adem Niazi. Stay tuned for more news on this upcoming collaboration project coming soon!


Young Jerks

March 28, 2010

I was browsing my usual blogroll today and came across some really cool stuff over at TYPOGRAPHICAL. The post features an expose on a very talented Dan Cassaro (‘YoungJerks’) -how cool is that moniker?..well, I bet he’s not a jerk and I bet you will like his work, check it out here.




Vladimir makes good.

March 26, 2010

Last weekend good friend Vladimir Matyushenko was victorious in his latest UFC fight…congratulations Vladdy! Check out this photo of ‘The Janitor’ sporting the LUDWIG “paper-boy” cap while hanging out with the likes of Couture and lady friend…Looking stylish!


Here’s little fun sparring one night a while back with Vladdy…this is hilarious! He literally looks gigantic next to me…

The best hubs ever.

March 26, 2010


When mechanical engineer Phil Wood took up bicycle racing at San Jose’s velodrome, he became frustrated by wheels that quickly became wobbly. He had to clean and repack the ball bearings with grease after every race.

“He thought that was crazy,” said his daughter, Donna Williams, of Roseville. “He asked, ‘Why doesn’t somebody invent a wheel hub that doesn’t need maintenance?’ ”

That somebody turned out to be Wood, and the company he founded on April Fools’ Day in 1971 still churns out the sealed hubs that revolutionized the bicycle industry by ushering in an era of high-performance, low-maintenance equipment.

Wood died earlier this month of pancreatic cancer in Roseville. He was 86.

“Supernova” Sasaki enjoy’s Choke

March 25, 2010

Shinji Sasaki is a good fighter. You can see him fight in Shooto. He is also sponsored by friends of LUDWIG Inspirit. Go ‘Torao Supernova!” Go get your Enjoy Choke t-shirt!


Hardy Vs. GSP

March 25, 2010

The great ‘DJW’ that’s, (D.J. Weissberg, former art director at XLR8R mag, and all-around graphic design impresario) sent this funny ass graphic to me yesterday as part of his week-end UFC BBQ invite…it’s hilarious! It really is amazing to me how ‘mainstream’ the UFC events have become, friends that I have from all walks of life are now watching it.

A welterweight championship clash between Georges St. Pierre and Dan Hardy is official. The UK based “Outlaw” took the fight to Mike Swick during UFC’s 105 card to earn his crack at the crown.

Hardy was impressive as he forced the action and imposed his will on Swick, but he’s going to have a much more difficult time vs. GSP as he is superior in all of these positions…should be an entertaining fight, but I’m calling it for GSP at 1:35 of the 3rd RD. Hardy will get his chance, but it is still too early for him.


VANNI PETTENELLA – Italians do it better.

March 24, 2010

VANNI PETTENELLA GOLD AND SILVER MEDAL 1964 TOKYO from camilla candida donzella on Vimeo.

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