The difference between “there” and “thier”

September 30, 2009

Good buddy John, “Selector” over at Typo-Graphical is dropping some new tees and this one has been, and is currently my favorite. Been buggin’ him about this tee for a while now, who knows! maybe he’ll hook me up? – hint, hint.


September Store Spotlight: District!

September 25, 2009

This month’s store spotlight is on the District in Alameda, California. I sent some questions over to Matt Wong from the store earlier this week and here are the answers I got back!

1.   How long have you been open? Almost 5 years.

2.  Why did you open? I wanted to provide the small town where I grew up (Alameda) with a cool shop that had some of the same strengths and characteristics as my favorite shops in NYC.

3.   What brands do you carry? All the major sneaker & streetwear brands.

4.   How do you think the industry itself has changed in the last year? Like almost every other industry, retail has been hit hard by the downturn in the economy. Streetwear shops in particular have suffered mightily. Fashion, like the economy itself, has always been cyclical, and streetwear is no different, going from being the hot new thing a few years ago to reaching mainstream success and now to its current state of transition. Some brands have tried to adapt to changing tastes by incorporating more contemporary looks and classic styles. Streetwear stores will likely have to follow suit, stocking fewer classic streetwear items like loud graphic tees and hoodies while emphasizing more traditional styles.

5.   What would you like to see more of from brands? I would like to see more brands like Ludwig! Clean, classic, no nonsense designs plus prices that don’t break the bank. How’s that for a slogan?

6.  One fun fact? Opening our second store in November in Union City, CA.

Be  sure to visit the store if you’re in the area! And definitely check out the new one when it opens. Thanks so much for all your support District!

Store Location:
2332 Alameda Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 865-1640



Vale Tudo Japan -coming back

September 23, 2009

This past Tue nite at Shooto “Revolutionary Exchanges” this photo was taken to announce some of the upcoming matches slated for Vale Tudo Japan-09 happening on Oct 30th in Japan. This event guarantees to be exciting for all the hard-core fans, as well as those who were at Vale Tudo Japan in ’99 (myself included). Check out the “Enjoy Choke” t-shirt that Rumina Sato is wearing…also pictured: Takeshi and Gomi who will fight on this card as well…get your “Enjoy Choke” t-shirt HERE.


PAC DIV – reprezent

September 23, 2009

Representing true So-Cali-Hip-Hop, PAC DIV seen here in this latest video…Oh Snap! sporting the LUDWIG x BARRACUDA “Elgar” Jacket. Clean looking!!! Good looking out to the crew, sorry folks we SOLD OUT of the grey color a while back, but we have some of the BLACK colorway in stock now, it has killer green bias tape on the the inside seams! – (This Jacket was made in Japan by the same factory that makes all the Nom de Guerre, and Comme des Garcons product, so it is top notch!) GET IT HERE. Next time don’t sleeeeep. Check the photo/videos below.



Comments Wanted.

September 21, 2009

This photo was emailed to me by a good friend of mine who himself is very fashionable. He was commenting about getting old and not really understanding what was going on with kids and fashion now…(I guess there is a new generation of kids that are dressing “asexual” – born out of Japan.) I have some serious doubts that this look is sustainable (see previous post on “Real Men’s Style”.) What do you think>? Aside from the girl on the far right, these dudes look ridiculous. Do girls this is hot? cool? sexy? I would like to hear your comments about this photo, your take on it, and if you think this is just a passing trend or a sign of something more permanent. For my own mental health I hope this to shall pass…


Introducing Ryan…

September 19, 2009

Meet Ryan Donovan. We are proud to introduce him as an “official” LUDWIG brand representative, welcome to the “DROOG’S CLUB”! Ryan is 17yrs. old and is from Huntington Beach CA. He has been skating since he was 10 and it shows. We get a lot of “sponsor me” video’s from dudes, but Ryan’s clean style and smooth skating really stood out. Stay tuned for more from Ryan. Big ups man, another package is in the mail, represent with pride!


BIG ups to Swag Syndicate

September 17, 2009

A few weeks ago Jason over at Swag Syndicate was kind enough to post an entry on the release of the LUDWIG “Enjoy Choke” t-shirt collaboration with Inspirit. At just 2oyrs. old Jason is running things in the blog world with this site, and has made a really nice gig for himself with Swag Syndicate. This blog is primarily focused on clothing and he plans to keep it that way. We really appreciate people like Jason who are do’ers and not say’ers…they work for theirs and keep hustling. Plus Jason is a big fan of MMA, and has been watching UFC since the days of Royce and Dan “The Beast” Severn…so you know he knows what’s up. All the best to you Jason, and sorry for the tardy post, it’s been really hectic around the LUDWIG office these days.


Trigg gaming up.

September 12, 2009

We spent a couple days with Trigg last week while in Vegas, had dinner with the family, and talked about his return to the UFC a bit. Frank looked pretty good, and seemed to be in shape for next weekends match against ‘Joscheck’. It is always kind of nerve racking when you watch your friends fight, and even after all these years it is still the same. It’s as if I were fighting as well, cuz it seems like i go through the same emotional curve leading up to game time. We here at LUDWIG have a lot of confidence in Trigg, wish him the best, and know that he is going to game up for this fight. Make it happen Trigg, keep the pressure on, and bend it til it breaks. Check out this link for an interview regarding his upcoming fight in Dallas. Photo: Sherdog.


Word to Speech Therapy

September 10, 2009

Been listening to Speech Debelle for a minute. I’m down with female rap artists esp. from the UK. I think they put a special twist on the lyric with the accent and all…Ms. Dynamite included. But speech is on another level i think, this girls got talent AND style, peep it.

Polish Movie Posters

September 10, 2009

Recently my friend Stella showed me this website that has all these classic American movie posters redrawn by famous Polish artists for sale. It has to be the coolest artwork I’ve seen in a while. Supposedly the poles have a tradition of recreating movie posters for their own advertising. Also there’s posters for musicians, circuses, plays, etc. Here’s a few of my favorites:

the website is

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