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March 17, 2009

Mike’s Track of the Week

March 12, 2009

In this installment of “Track of the Week” we visit one of the seminal bands of the late 70′s early 80′s “new romantic” era…this particular song title is fitting at this point in time when all you hear is the doom and gloom of the economy, and the state of the “global economic slowdown”…you may find yourself thinking that there must be “More Than This” on the tele or in the news…well, here you go. Roxy Music, featuring the great songwriter Brian Ferry on vocals. Don’t forget to check the swanky nautical style of Brian Ferry in the Love Is The Drug video…hey, they say nautical is back “in”?

I spy a trend: deck shoes

March 11, 2009

I added some streetwear blogs onto my reader when I started interning with Ludwig. Since January, I’ve noticed that a lot of designers are coming out with their own versions of classic deck shoes. I actually like them a lot. My favorite are the Lanvins, and I have a pair of Vans myself, buttttttt I may be ready to see something new soon!


March 10, 2009

Just found this. The Gonz and Alex Olson 2008.

Bike Check

March 8, 2009

I was happy to see Heath (Pinter) pull up in front of my house on Friday. Lately we have been working on next years bike graphics, (I’ve been doing the bike graphics/art direction for MOSH/Giant BMX for 8 years), and i felt like the best way to get a good visual feeling of what the graphics will look like when I place them on the frame is to start off with a blank canvas…so I asked Heath if he would paint my bike a solid color…PANTONE 15-4323, well needless to say, it looks dope! This year we are going to step it up with the Giant BMX graphics, and this is a really good place to start. Heath is the master at painting custom frames (check the MOSH ad below) he also has a sick custom Ford that he built from scratch. Anyhow, back to the bike. It’s a Giant METHOD 01, has a 20.25″top tube, MOSH seat designed by Rich Hirsch, pivitol seat post, chromo frame, 12T cassete, steel bars (trimmed 1″) 3-piece cranks, and alloy 33T front…I’m hyped to get out side, and pedal around on it, i know a secret place by the freeway over by my house where there are some woop-de-dos!

This color rocks, maybe in next years line-up?????

This color rocks, maybe in next years line-up?????

Dope MOSH seat...good job Rich.

Dope MOSH seat...good job Rich.

Pinter custom frames MOSH ad Circa '02. Another example of how far ahead of the curve we were with MOSH. This ad is included in the Maharishi DMP book, check it out.

Pinter custom frames MOSH ad Circa '02. Again, another example of MOSH being ahead of its time.

This ad was included in the Maharishi DPM book, check it out.

What do you think this means?

March 5, 2009


March 3, 2009

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Dow hits 1000, NY and LA ablaze…

March 3, 2009

Sound alarmist? – well maybe. As an avid reader of the Ludwig von Mises Institute blog, I was looking thru some of the early entries posted by the always interesting Peter Schiff of EPC. Read for yourself, and see if what he was/is saying makes sense. To me, it appears to be fairly accurate, and I think people need to wake up, (that was for you Kevin). Read with caution and a clear mind, you might be surprised.

Farewell KVA…your time has come and gone.

March 2, 2009

If your a house of Dior fan, then you will certainly take note of this news…Kris has bit the dust…read on here.

Sublime Reunited!

March 2, 2009

So I’m not really a fan, but I’m sure some of you are…. A friend just told me that Sublime just reunited with a new singer!

Here’s a video from their first performance over the weekend:

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