Poe Bicentennial

January 19, 2009

Today Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809, making this his 200th birthday. Check the official EdgarAllanPoe200.com for a live blog, free downloads, interviews with celebrities, a Poe Community forum, and other ways we will be commemorating this bicentennial year.

I’m taking Arlovsky

January 15, 2009

…I know, I know, you would say “are you crazy?” Fedor is our friend, and that will always be the case, however my personal feeling is that Arlovski is in a position to best the ‘best guy in MMA’. It goes without saying that Andre can get a little wierd with the hair, the eyebrows, the man-shave, the affliction crap etc. but based on his recent fights, and after seeing him sparring at Wildcard, my gut says he will win the fight against Fedor. When you review what happened in the bout between Fedor and Cro-cop you can see there are several holes in Fedors game that were exposed (reference fedor-emelianenko-vs-mirko-cro-cop-filipovic-pride-video, and the photos below.)

I’m not going to get into specifics about who’s better at stand-up, ground, submissions, etc. that is conversation for arm-chair warriors. Bascially i have a bet with Willard and Stacy about this fight, and i really want to win!

I just don’t see anyone in Fedor’s last seven fights who presents the problems that Andre will bring, except for Cro-cop and Lindland (who both gave Fedor real problems.) Anyone remeber Fedor doing the boog-a-loo after being cracked by Fujita?, yeah well, watch the video, he was on queer-street. I think Andre will come in great shape for this fight.

So, call me crazy, call me stupid, call me disloyal to our friend Fedor, but i have to call it here and now for Arlovsky, maybe I’m wrong, (and I hope that I am), but I have a feeling I’m not.

The aftermath of Fedor vs. Cro-cop at Pride Grand Prix

The aftermath of Fedor vs. Cro-cop at Pride Final Conflict 2005.


January 14, 2009

Just in, LUDWIG X XLARGE Collab is now up for sale at Digitagravel. They also have a limited color and hat just for the online store.  Dont sleep on this Collab.

Barry Mcgee

January 14, 2009


Barry Mcgee is definitely one of my favorite artists. His characters are insanely detailed and creative, and his alter ego TWIST is legendary in the graffiti world. He is one of the original Beautiful Losers and is always changing and creating new shit. He’s a super interesting guy; here’s a small piece done on him from the Beautiful Losers movie.


January 13, 2009

If you are ever in Vegas make sure you stop by House of Commons. This place has from LUDWIG to MHI, PENFIELD and many other rare brands. They also have parties every now and than for new artist or Bike Premieres. HOC also sells new to vintage Bike parts and videos as well. Definitely a must when your in Sin City.  Cheers to the crew up there for holding down the Vegas scene.  

House of Commons

Robert Graham, RIP

January 12, 2009

Robert Graham died a couple of weeks ago. Above is the program from the memorial service at Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles. Graham was one of the greatest artists of our time. He will be missed.

Bespoke quality in Summer 09

January 11, 2009

I used to think that in order to get our wovens up the standard that i prefer we would have to continue to have them made in Japan or Italy. That was until we started working with Jose. Just look at the meticulous detail of his needle, and the quality of the finish. And best of all, we make it in our own backyard of Los Angeles. I used to spend $200-300 on Dries van Noten, Comme Des Garcons, or have my button downs made in the bespoke fashion of custom tailoring, but not anymore. I will put Jose’s work up against any of those labels, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Take a look at one of the woven styles for Summer -09 offered at about $80.00 retail. Stay tuned, as this and other great LUDWIG product will be available thru our web-store near the beginning of Feb.

LUDWIG teams up with Eli Alexander (a.k.a. Bonerz) of PAD

January 8, 2009

We teamed up with Eli Alexander (Bonerz), formerly of XLarge who has turned his attention from streetwear to high design. Our best accounts received these hand-made porcelain mugs with built in brass knuckles for Xmas. Are we tough or what? You can get these shortly on the Ludwig website and also at FORDBRADY. Drink coffee and fight in style.


January 5, 2009

I know its Monday but I just wanted to give you people a early heads up . Some of our lady friends are throwing a party this Friday. Come thru.

RSVP: tammy@love-made.com

Lawless-ness is everyrare…

January 1, 2009

Today i received a messages from someone by the name of Allen Lawless saying that he was a fan of the LUDWIG label. After checking his blog i was entertained not only by the name of the blog “everyrare” (coming from what i assume is an asian-american” i think that’s funny as hell. He is obviously a fan of Joker and Batman, as well as alot of other things that we at LUDWIG appreciate as well. Check is blog at RARE. Big ups to Allen. Happy New Year.

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