January 29, 2009

Our good friend JP ( Digitalgravel, Greater Than) Mr. Party Extraordinaire is rocking the Punk Rock Flannel in Coffee color at Disneyland.  These pieces sold out quick and we still have a few on ATTIC2ZOO.COM, 80spurple.com and ROLO in San Francisco.  We will be putting a limited amount of these flannels for the first 5 hours on sale Feb 14th when our online store opens.  DONT SLEEP.  

Going for mad loot.

January 29, 2009

A while back i posted these photos of the Obama action figures i did for the Jailbreak Toys/Obama campaign fund-razzer. That was before he got elected. Damn!,I just saw this set going for a grand on this website!…Somebody is making loot, and it ain’t me.

Bear and Jack

January 28, 2009

BFFs. These two dogs are the best. Continually siked on life. They are my inspiration.


January 27, 2009

I received one hell-uva package from my good mate J. DeBeck of Deadly Dragon Sound System. For all you reggae heads, this is the place for you. Check it out mon, at DEADLY DRAGON SOUND SYSTEM.

One of the best things that came in the package was this BLACK SOAP! nothing like pure cocoa butter to keep your skin baby soft and protect it from those “ashy” winters. And also the sweet smell of the Nicholas Cherry incense keeps my studio smelling chill. The Sound System mix CD’s are chalk full of rock-steady to keep my work flowing,..all I need now is a spleeefy to top it all off.

Thanks J, I have a nice gift for you when I see ya. Peace.

Trigg's soap of choice.

Triggs soap of choice.

Ludwig keeps an eye on details for Fall 09

January 27, 2009

Check out a few photos from the Fall 2009 lookbook featuring Eliel wearing the Filmore Flannel ( violet long sleeve ) the Adams jacket ( black coated canvas jacket ) and the Porter long sleeve button down, nicely paired with a tonal skinny-tie. All product is MADE IN USA. There is no sleeping here at Ludwig, it’s back to the grindstone, we work harder than the rest to stay ahead of the rest. Everything else is noise. Stay tuned for more on Fall-09.

Porter long sleeve / tie ensamble

Porter long sleeve / tie ensemble

Nice Details

Nice Details

Adams jacket (Black) Filmore plaid long sleeve (violet)
Adams jacket (Black) Filmore plaid long sleeve (violet)

WTF were you thinking?

January 26, 2009

Andre, you were winning the fight, in fact you were dominating. The infamous “flying knee” was not in the game plan, and you know it. Plus, since when does this technique work on skilled fighters? not very often, and with somebody like Fedor, not very well as indicated by the fact that you tried to do it like a grade-school kid with your hands at your waist, and ended up getting stretched. Now I owe Will and Stacy $20.00 each! I’m pissed! – I deserve a re-match!

Do you know what time it is?

January 23, 2009

It’s “Hoover” time. Introducing the first time-piece from Ludwig, the “Hoover” is a classic twist on a pilots watch featuring a stainless steel case with a swiss movement, stainless steel buckle and heavy duty nylon webbing band. It is water resistant up to 150ft. It comes beautifully packaged in this black satin case that features a nice tone-on-tone print. This is a limited edition watch, as only 50 were produced, so make sure you check back when the Ludwig store opens on Feb 14th, 2009 as they will sell out very quickly – don’t sleep!




January 22, 2009

Arlovski doesn’t stand a chance.

“Retardation”…Day Of Reckoning

January 22, 2009

Take one look at this photo and you will notice mass-retardation. While there are several friends of Ludwig standing (or laying here) in this photo…the thing that is most reprehensible is the attire. Since when was it acceptable for professional athletes to dress “dreck”? There are several reasons why fans of MMA loved Pride and hated the UFC, one of which was that when ever you looked at the press-conference or publicity photos for a Pride event, the fighters for the most part were dressed very stylish, and looked like individuals with class. Affliction should be banned from insisting their fighters all wear that horrible looking style of clothing, because they all look like douche-bags (except for Tito and Oscar), I thought Affliction was going to be “different” from the UFC? – Looking forward to seeing the fights, not looking forward to seeing more of this style of clothing

Photos from past Pride, Dream and Bushido events. Even though you have the occasional street-wear looking guy, (Kid and Uno) this is still a classy looking bunch of individuals… check the suit on Aoki, and i love that sign Cro-cop is holding.

Madoff…some clarification

January 20, 2009

Today I received a phone call from a good friend concerning a previous blog post I did on Bernie Madoff -(see MADOFF ‘Made Off” with the cash…posted Dec 17th, 2008.) My friend expressed some concern that the posts photograph along with the words “off to the gas chamber” could be construed as offensive, insensitive and basically inflammatory to the Jewish community, all things considered. After speaking with him for a while I was moved to expand on the motivation behind that post, and to explain a bit more in depth about where I am coming from.

On that day I was so outraged by this story. This was indeed a despicable act perpetrated by a prominent man in the Jewish community on many of his own people. The only way I felt that I could press my view was to pull out all stops and really say what I felt. Now, for those of you who do not know me personally, I offer my sincere apology for any misunderstanding or insult that my have been gleaned from this post, I have supported many Jewish organizations over the years, and have many close personal friends in the Jewish community. For those of you who do know me personally you know very well that I do not mince words, I say what I mean, and mean what I say.

Simply put, I wanted to call attention to the ironic nature of this story. Madoff (being a Jewish man) took his own people (Jewish private citizens, and Jewish non-profit foundations) and sold them down the river, and for that I believe that an eye deserves an eye. The reference to the gas chamber was intentional. I could have easily used other forms of capitol punishment to illustrate my point, i.e. the electric chair, lethal injection, noose, etc. but that would not drive home the fact that we cannot stand by and watch these types of individuals who think they are out of the reach of justice do whatever they please with other people’s lively-hoods. period. If you would like to comment on this post, or send me an email to debate the subject matter feel free to do so at mike@ludwigvantheman.com. Currently there are some very debatable things that are developing in the Obama administration that deserve attention and need to be brought out into the light. I will be posting on those soon after my fact-checking checks out. check out http://www.blackagendareport.com. Thank you, in the meantime i hope you enjoy the photo below, sent from the good friend mentioned above…yes he is Jewish, so don’t blame me! – but I do think it is quite humorous!

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