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October 23, 2008

Hello, my name is Phil and ill be blogging here at LUDWIG frequently. Check back for updates. Peace.

Coming Soon to the LUDWIG shop

October 23, 2008

Soon you will be able to purchase limited edition screenprints from our e-store. Be sure to check back around mid-November. These are perfect gifts for the holiday season. They will be hand screen-printed on archival paper, and sold in runs of 50. The best thing of all, they will be priced very modestly. Collectors will love the quality of them, and graphic-snobs will hate them.

Here is a sneak peek at a couple that are in the works…

This one is my personal favorite.

Getting up in NYC

October 20, 2008

Homeboy Pivnick sent me these photos this weekend ( after i requested him to )
of the Banksy wall pieces that are up around the LES.
These are fitting pieces for the times to be sure.

smell a rat?

smell a rat?

I especially like this one…

…and this one takes the cake.

Step away from the scarf schmuck!

October 20, 2008

Recently over the last year, I have noticed the proliferation of dudes
wearing neck scarves. Enough is enough. A properly dressed man never wears a
scarf with a t-shirt, in the summer time, or at the beach…yeah I actually
saw some jack-ass wearing a scarf at the beach in Santa Monica. He had on
shorts, flip-flops, a scarf, and sunglasses…it was 85 degrees! I almost
said something.

The stylist that convinced Kanye West to wear this crappy look ought to be
taken out back and put to rest, as I believe this is only encouraging guys
to sport this absurd look. Furthermore, the “keffiyah” ( checkered middle
eastern neck scarf ) is completely a fashion f-up, what is this? Some sort
of feigned sympathy towards Palestine? Or Hamas? – gimme a break.

Straight to the point: Scarves are only appropriate in weather that warrants
keeping the neck and body warm, whats next? Mittens in August? That is not
to say that the scarf cannot be stylish, and feature a nice print.

Unfortunately I have some friends who sport this look, and I’m going to have
to call them out. You know who you are.

Just Don’t Do It.

Business Cards…

October 17, 2008

Bateman is the man.

Lance Mountain x Craig Stecyk Campaign

October 17, 2008

Two greats, Lance Mountain and Craig Stecyk, have teamed up to create a dope ass blazer that’s inspired by one of the skateboards Lance used in the Bones Brigade video, and has featured artwork by Stecyk himself on the shoe. These limited edition posters have been released in a set of 500 to sneaker boutiques all over. So, if you get the chance, snag one.

Patrick Bateman

October 17, 2008
my hero.

The Man.

One of the most amazing scenes from one of the most amazing movies.

Mr. Wahlberg…

October 14, 2008


October 12, 2008

Here is a sneak-peek at my Jailbreak Toys version of the Obama action figure. More to come after the jump.

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